The TOTAL fax solution for SOHOs and SMMEs

Product Description

Easyfax is a service that offers our customers the ability to connect their existing fax machines to an ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter), which is like a modem, that simply connects to the Internet. The existing telephone line can now be disconnected.All faxes from the fax machine can now be sent RELIABLY over the Internet securely and cheaper than by using a normal telephone line. Each user can be offered a unique 087 fax number to receive faxes (or they can keep their existing number which will be ported).

This service is using the technology developed by Pangea Communications in the USA, which has been offering fax technology for 20 years globally, and locally in South Africa for the past 15 years to many ISPs.

This fax service will work over any kind of Internet connection, for example ADSL, 3G, Wifi or even satellite!


FREE services

  • ATA hardware& cables
  • Fax to mail (Inbound faxes delivered to an email address in pdf)
  • Mail to Fax (Outbound faxes can be sent from your email, e.g. Word documents that needs to be faxed)
  • Web to Fax (Faxes can be sent from the web portal)
  • Real-time reporting and billing on a secure website
  • Online access to faxes that was sent or received
  • Resend faxes online


All fax to fax on-net traffic between users on the Easyfax network are free, allowing for substantial savings to customers should they send faxes to each other. The subscription service is also cheaper than a normal telephone line rental, thus guaranteed savings per month!

Each user receives R 20 call costs per month included in the subscription fee!


Web based tool

A secure login will be available for customers to view their faxes online. All the fax traffic and real-time detailed billing is also shown, and faxes can be resent to other numbers if needed.

Pricing (VAT included)


Connection fee and shipping (anywhere in SA) - R 250

ATA                                                                            - FREE

Number Porting                                                      - R 250


Fax service per ATA (24 month contract)           - R 195

Fax to email (If taken as a standalone service)  - R 65

Rate Sheet outbound (per minute billing)

Destination                                                                     Area Code                                  EasyFax Rate

Easyfax to Easyfax                                                         087809                                       FREE

South Africa Telkom MaxiCall                                      0861                                           R 0.90

South Africa Telkom National                                      01/2/3/4/5                                 R 0.69

Premium Rated Service - Fax to Email                        086x                                           R 1.50

South Africa Telkom Toll-free                                       080                                             FREE


  • Connection fee and monthly service fees payable in advance
  • 24 month contract will apply
  • The first R 20 call charges are included in the subscription fee and will not be charged
  • Month to month option with no 24 month contract : ATA once-off R 1,300 ; R 155 monthly

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